95 years of service to the Community!

To All,

Welcome to 2019!  The hundredth year of the Legion, which will celebrate the organizational birthday March 15, 2019.  We here in Manchester and the surrounding towns of Bolton and East Hartford have been part of this great organization for 95 of those hundred years.  Supporting the mission.

The Legion is set up upon four pillars:

  • Veteran Affairs and Rehabilitation
  • Americanism
  • National Security
  • Youth
These four pillars set up the foundation of every program that the Legion participates or sponsors.  Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation is the easiest pillar to describe as it says exactly as it does... working with veterans that are in need and continuing the processes that the Legion has been part of such as the GI Bill ensuring that veterans that have served this great Country are taken care of.  Americanism, this pillar is to ensure that the principles that we as Americans have come to love are continued such as freedom of speech and citizenship.  National security is the support of the US Military, Police Department, Fire Departments and all of the organizations that protect our Country.  Youth, this encompasses children and youth (under 18 years old) we strive to ensure happiness and support.

With these four pillars as the foundation of our organization, we come together with the saying "Veterans serving veterans, the community, the state and the nation.

In Comradeship,


Joseph D Haney, Commander

The American Legion

Dilworth-Cornell-Quey Post 102, INC