Membership Eligibility

Eligibility requirements for The American Legion membership shall be limited to the men and women who were in the Armed Forces of the United States during any of the following periods and died in the line of duty during such service, or who, having received an Honorable Discharge, died after service: 

  • Gulf War/War on Terrorism August 2nd 1990 to date of cessation
  • Panama December 20th 1989 to January 31st 1990
  • Lebanon and Grenada August 24th 1982 to July 31st 1984
  • Vietnam War February 28th 1961 to May 7th 1975
  • Korean War June 25th 1950 to January 31st 1955
  • WWII December 7th 1941 to December 31st 1946
  • Merchant Marine eligibility dates are from December 7th 1941 to December 31st 1946
  • Army and Air National Guard members are eligible if activated to Federal Orders during any period of time identified above

What is needed to Join?

Eligibility will need to be verified through  a copy of separation papers and filed with the Adjutant (Social Security Numbers and Date of Birth will be redacted).

Separation Paper Review:
  • Service during eligibility periods identified above
  • Honorable separation

Would you like to join?

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Are you already a member of The American Legion?  Do you live in the area but you are not a member of Post 102?  All you have to do is click here and provide your name and contact information along with your membership number, and you will be contacted.