Who are we?

The American Legion is a non-profit organization (501-C-19) whose members are veterans of the US Military who served and have an honorable discharge.  The organization was founded in 1919 after World War One to serve veterans of the Great War.  The organization was established in Manchester Connecticut in August 1924, the original application for membership made by 44 WWI veterans and named in honor of Joseph Dilworth and Adolph Cornell both of who were Manchester residents with distinguished service in WWI who were killed in action.

The Manchester American Legion has been active in the community since 1924, finding their home on Leonard Street in the 1940s, which would be subsequently renamed American Legion Drive in the 1960s.  The Manchester American Legion had the honor of adding a name to their Charter in 1947, Mario Quey a distinguished Navy sailor who died during the Battle of Corrigidor during World War Two.

The Manchester American Legion serves veterans throughout Greater Hartford and throughout Manchester, and the Community of Manchester.  The Manchester American Legion finds it's foundation in the Four Pillars of the American Legion: Veterans Affairs, Americanism, National Defense and the support of the Youth of America.

The American Legion has a building that houses a social club and a large meeting space, which is open to members and their guests.

In 2019 The American Legion opened membership to all those that have served honorably in the US Military since December 7, 1941.

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