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The American Legion Department of Connecticut is looking for a Department Adjutant, which is a full time position available to veterans with an honorable discharge.... for more information click on here.

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The Post Home for American Legion Dillworth-Cornell-Quey Post 102, Manchester Connecticut circa 2000s


The Post Home circa 1940s, at this time the Post Home was called Dillworth-Cornell American Legion Post 102, it was not until 1947, when Mario Quey was added to the charter and became part of the name of the Post Home.  Check out Post History for more details on the three service members that the Post Home is honored to have on the building and the Post charter.

Hall Rentals

The Post Home has two halls that are available to the public for rental, for information on Post Home Rental click here.

The Family

Besides the American Legion members, Post 102 is proud to have an Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion, and a American Legion Riders group associated with the post, for more information on these groups click here.

The Post Home is open to the public on Friday nights from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM.